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Psychorigid + Audio Pervert // 23rd May 2014. Live X'tended Performance [ Techno / Electro / Hardcore / Dark Wave / Modular ] = 'Psycho-Audio Combination'

All Ball !

There is something dewy, breathy and anxious about the debut (virgin) release of a new band. About the spontaneous energy of their entrance ! Punched with the zest to bomb the world with a bold message. MadBoy Mink are just like that ! Jiving, grinding, mashing and forthcoming with a pot-pourri of songs and styles. Almost brazen as they grapple so many genres, samples, synths, claps and voices. Their debut EP titled All Ball is clearly modish. The duo's musical bonhomie is dirty and elegant at the same time. 
All Ball is 'Rouge-tronica'. The 5 song debut is a product or adventure statement in the making. All Ball is beaming from an apartment in the suburbia of Bombay. Quiet a refreshing far cry from the current hiatus of electro-pop music (in India). Alley cats are out with a bang !
Be it Agogo bells upon disco kicks, or cheeky recreations of trademark French electronica running along the 'kitty-katesque' voice of Mink or the chic synthesizer chords jostling with the funky guitar vamps of MadBoy, the album is always quirky and never wanting to stop the fun and action. Oodles of sampled trumpets, banjos, piano and vintage artifacts bolster the femme fatal 'come and get me' voice of Mink. The sound of All Ball is sassy and is naughty !
"and all the sinners are down here with me ..."
Clearly the producers of All Ball have a fetish for french electro clubbed with a desire to kick-start dance-floor action on every tune on the EP. 
Favorite tune ( top of our playlist ) : Lemonade // Most Odd tune ( Are you drunk ? ) : Pimp the Disco [ did they just wake up to Die Antwoord  ?? ] // Most Radio Friendly tune : Taste Your Kiss ( the whiskey never lied eh ? )


Hashback Hashish has released his 2nd full length album titled Stoned. Oh wait ! this is not the time to light up a jay and kick-start the evening in some dingy nightclub ... For those who prefer to listen to music, rather than just watch n Tweet and Instagram about it, the album is for engaging ears and demands imagination. Bright and happy in parts, as much maudlin and shady, Stoned is about some sort of re-discovery. Yet the producer / artist weaves a darker explanation : " There are things we don’t like to talk about. These aren’t things that we banish to the darkest corners of our existence, but things we quietly shove under the bed to collect dust bunnies ... " Is Hashback is trying to battle out his feelings via sound, via electronic music, on sleepless nights ? The track 'Automate-passionel' is a deep bass reckoner, unfolding forever, set against murky voices and an evolving ambience. The album does feature a host of collaborators and sources of sound : Ochtone & Holy Climax (UK), ZZZZRA (France), Audio Pervert (India), Manu Ferantini (France) and Minitronik (Germany).
Clearly this artist expresses desire to exit his rigid 'techno-logic' past and move into pastures of ambience, space, glitch and frequency based compositions. 'Somewhere' is our favorite tune on the album. A future prototype of tranquil music ... ' You make me feel' is probably the only dance track on the album. Throughout the album sounds are sparse, the beats not so hard and almost turning into a medium of transport for the listener's trip. Is there some degree of audio intoxication ? ... Into the nether world of post minimalism ... Enough said, Stoned by Hashback Hashish is a genuine craft of synthesis and space.

Dark Robot Official

Dark Robot Official Release. 
Exclusivé 20 Song Album by Audio Pervert on


Jatin Puri a.k.a Pippin returns to New Delhi with a brand new album of eight tunes, titled 1 0 1 0.  Eight songs on the album traverse into myriad electronic landscapes. Pippin as a producer has clear ideas about his sound-design and choice of synthesizers. On close listen, each song is lavish in polyphony and hints at a retroactive imagination. Songs like 'Fractional' and 'Everyday' sound instantly alluring as a certain tense harmony forms alongside head bobbing beats and deep droning bass-lines. Pippin is definitely dark in nature as much mature in the way cross genres are mashed and eventually decimated.  
And it's all minor in there ! 'Fearless' (4th song) instantly recalls Depeche Mode memories - yet Jatin Puri has not sung or even thrown a hint of vocals on this album. An acid-jazz hangover that is audible on some songs dwelling under the big clean beats and wobbly bass end of the day. Does a certain creepy fervor beckons the listener all through the album, as  the unsung voice of the producer ? Our favorite tune here at Audio'Station is Celestial.  Classic arpeggios in harmony flowing over rubber bass-lines, layered under lush electric piano clusters. Fly us back to Venus !

Pyschorigid, Hashback & Audio Pervert

The official review and launch of Tomato Garlic Onion Curcuma EP via The EP is an international collaboration in electronic music between India and Reunion Island : Curated by Psychorigid (Re) + Hashback Hashish (In) + Audio Pervert (In). 

Project Review

Bandcamp EP [hi:rez]

Psychorigid India tour 2013.

Download EP ( Promo Version ) : 320 mp3s or FLACs here:


JAMBLU is Kartik Pillai. A quiet and composed dude, producer and guitarist who is usually seen onstage with Peter Cat Recording Co. His album JAMBLU, is a bold and extensive fruition of his musical age. In an age of VST Crunching Soldiers and SideChaining Troopers, electronic music and sound has almost gone pete tong ! JAMBLU challenges that very condition .. Composed within dark melodic overtures, shattered beats, subdued voices, buried chords and distorted tones which speak of desultory feelings, JAMBLU is near audacious and totally stereoscopic. Call it Electronic Post Dance or Experimental Song Adventures or Sounds of Dystopia, the album is overcast with an immersed sound and compositions that evolve.  JAMBLU is clearly forward sounding, a refreshing stop, away from the sea of progressive bullshit ...


Welfare Wednesday

Here is one SICK (great) tune. Here comes 2014 !  Stab the $ampler ... and let thy brains fall apart, once again, down into the depths of v e n e t i a n  s n a r e s amen hell ! 


Analog Synthesizer Performance

Artists : Charanjit Singh, Yohanz Westerman, Leonel Dentan ( Da Saz ) and Audio Pervert. 
Instruments : Korg Volca Drum-Bass Unit + Dave Smith Mopho + Moog Delay + Korg Monotribe + Technosaurus Monosynth + Make Noise Mod Oscillator + Doepfer DarkTime Sequencer + Roland 303 - 808 + Jupitor 6.
Event : Amarrass Music Festival, December 2013.
Venue : Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi.

Captain Dubroshniev a.k.a Da Saz a.k.a Lionel Dentan along-with Samrat B a.k.a Audio Pervert, performed live electronic music and sound at the Amarrass Festival 2013. Using a plethora of analog synthesizers all wired and in sync via voltage (and not midi), the duo delivered two hours of ambient, dub, glitchy, deep bass and minimal forms of electronic music. Known inside underground circles of electronic music in India, as synthesizer fiends and consistent advocates of experimental sound and music, Audio Pervert and Lionel have a penchant for spontaneous creation of music via analog sources.

The duo opened for the main attraction at the Amarrass event. The legend of Charanjit Singh`s 10 ragas to a disco beat returned to India, in collaboration with Johanz Westerman (Holland) and his massive old-school synthesizer arsenal. That unique cross-over acid house prototype sound of 1982, recreated, live, via the legendary Roland 303, 808 and Jupitor 6 all rewired by Johanz, set against a 16 channel mix-desk, continuously orchestrating Charanjits performance and voice. Charanjit Singh, now 71 years old is at the top of his form, taking on the ragas on oscillating square waves, soloing rather macabre and singing the classic vocoder voice. This was Charanjit`s first gig in India, after a much speculated tour of Europe this summer.

The contrast between the two acts, and given their generational gap, made the concert a brave and vivid display of electronic music and its creativity in a live context. The old-school raga-on-rave getting challenged and reshaped by the upstart, new-school synthesizer mindset. The contrast lay clear in the sound, the delivery and the manipulation of synthesizers.  
Not to forget that there was a total absence of  laptops or computers. Not one Mac logo to be seen onstage ... breaking the myths of electronica ?! 
An unsuspecting audience gaping and grooving on the banging kicks and claps of disco, set against a barrage of ragas and polyphonic flurries beaming from an analog synthesizer. 
Wait a minute, what year is this ? Who cares ... Let the sound speak for itself.

Big + + shout to the Amarrass Crew - Organization  
Reproduce Artist Management.

Film : Ankur Malhotra ( Amarrass Records )
(raw sound format)

LIVE ON RADIO :95 FM. Charanjit and Johanz :


Cop selektor

Recently, Modeselektor were in town ... Yet again, as in 2009, their concert got trashed by Delhi Police. A clear case of " Pigs vs. Entertainment " The 'pathologically obstructed party' culture of new delhi ... The scene is totally "POP" or Cop !

A Taste Of Struggle

" A/T/O/S, pronounced "A Taste Of Struggle" is the project of Amos & Truenoys. Introduced by a mutual friend, A/T/O/S started creating music together and their first invention "A Taste Of Struggle" has been quickly snapped up by dub pioneer Mala, signing them to his label DEEP MEDi. Remixes by Skream and Commodo and an early spin of their debut by BBC 6 Music's Mary Anne Hobb's hands A/T/O/S an almost perfect platform for success in 2013 "


Video Montage by Audio Pervert. Dark Robot Official Video Series.

AudioPervert Official' Bandcamp :

Magnetic Fields Calling ?, the premier Indian portal for electronic music, independent youth culture and all things digital is about to unleash their flagship music festival - Magnetic Fields. In Rajasthan, Al Sisar Palace, this December 2013 . 13 -15th. High in contrast is the artist line up and genres of electronic music, as much is the exotic renderings of the location, architecture, food and hidden packages of fun. The headliners are as alluring as the newbies, emerging at the grounds of Al Sisar Palace for three days. Robert Koch from Germany, Charanjit Singh from Ten Ragas Acid Fame, V.i.v.e.k from the UK Asian Underground representing the exotica factor of the festival, as much the raw and intrinsic noise and sounds of Sulk Station, Snow Shoe, Peter Cat Recording Co and Madboy_Mink. The stalwarts, as well as invaders of the Indian EDM circuit show up all-over the festival line up, ranging from the Midival Punditz and BLOT to trippy Sandunes, rocker Passenger Revelator to moody Frame/Frame. Smacking the love of techno and buttons, Audio Pervert^s featuring Dark Robot live. A crushing manifesto of beats and bass bombs by Shiva Sound System, Engine Earz set to spin Asian channels of Drum n Bass / Dubstep, as sharp in contrast is the sound of Kohra, a minimal and spacious dose of electro. Digging deeper, indie scouts such as Grain, Lifafa and Curtain Blue add voices and songs into this nouveau gathering of music, talent and a select 200 plus audience. The grind-house mafia squad consisting of M.Mat, Moniker(director the festival) and Surreal are present too, throwing rowdy mixes and pumping up the late parties during the festival. The roster and package at Magnetic Fields is perhaps the most exciting and fresh, in a long time, and a clear escape from the homogenized and industrial roll of mega fests, often a bogus tirade of catchpenny entertainment. Question is, Are YOU going there yet ?

' immerse yourself '

The festival has been a massive effort in terms of time and commitment, without corporate branding and bullshit, and at the hands of a dedicated bunch, striving to create a unique experience with a high musical value. Magnetic fields is a combined effort of, THOT, We The People, Al Sisar Mahal and 11.11.

Official website :

AUDIO PERVERT LIVE @ MAGNETIC FIELDS. 4:30 a.m. Dawn Banger ! ( filmed by : Ankur Malhorta - Amarrass Records )

Vaul Pan Dyke

Largely thanks to his seminal  synthesizer fetish and bizarre signal mixing routines, this  Hard Subliminal meets Rotterdam Rave style producer, is totally dialing up his own party. Vaul Pan Dyke is kicking the limits off the 'mods' - The first single is out, titled " No Return " on his new album [ Pulsewidth Jesus / Label - Oscura Medial ESP ] - This sound is clearly challenging some of the gains made by his previous monikers ...

DOWNLOAD / SHARE - 'No Return' HiREZ 320k ( - 5:39 trueCOPY / + R.A. LISTING - 2013.

Tomato Garlic Onion Curcuma

Pyschorigid a.k.a Moufia Ba$$ from Reunion Island hits India ! via and I.O.M.M.A (indian ocean music market) in collaboration with Audio Pervert and Hashback Hashish.

This peculiar tie-up between India and ReUnion Island happened between three techno music heads, collaborating over online responses and facilitated via the active hand of Indiearth Xchange Festival, Sakifo and I.O.M.M.A. The project has resulted in 3 tunes and a 3 city tour in India.
Psychorigid, an experienced, yet elusive electronic music producer and sound searcher emerging from the tiny spectacle of Reunion Island tides over to India, mixing up a bounty of original techno, electro, moombahton, self styled moufie-ville and even traces of trap. Hashback Hashish and Audio Pervert, from New Delhi present two contrasting versions of the original melody, consolidating the core idea behind the project. 3 artists pursued the concept of electronic music as a medium, to  connect across distances and genres. Creating bridges between the two countries and crafting an unique collaboration with future possibilities. 
A live showcase at the Xchange Festival in Chennai and two exclusive club gigs in Mumbai ( Club DèBel ) and New Delhi ( TBA ). The three singles will be released as an EP in february 2014 titled : Tomato Garlic Onion Curcuma Project. 

Psychorigid, Hashback Hashish and Audio Pervert. Combinators + Techno = Electro-Union.

The Only Thing I Love

The Only Thing i Love

Lyrics and Voice : TOYMOB / Bass, Battery, Synth, Mix : AUDIO PERVERT. 
[ Risk vs. Reward Astral-Sound ] Produced by TeddyBoyKill. New Delhi - India. 
Komplete $inglesteddyboykill/Soundcloud . Support Indie Music !
 ®¥©Teddy Boy Kill. 2013. 

Dark Robot Press Release


" Featuring a whopping 14 guest artists from across the country, it's been 8 months in the making and is our hot tip for one of the top 5 albums of the year ... ” -  The WildCity

" The almost two-hour long album is mostly mad dashes through diverse soundscapes and audio adventures ... For one, it’s reflective of the audacity and extent of Audio Pervert’s sonic manipulations on the record. Putting that cheekiness aside, it’s easy to also realise that the synths are perhaps the most important part of this record. ” -  Time Out, Delhi

" We’re really excited about the album because this guy is doesn’t conform to trends but aims to speak his mind through music by moving away from those Indian Classical alaap infused trances tracks and incorporating far more subtle explorations of his sonic palette. DARK ROBOT does exactly that. The album features an array of genres that really explore the electronic ... ” -

" The tracks traverse through the listener’s mind while employing various tools: track durations which range from long winding to blink and gone, instruments which range from analog drum machines to buckets and taps, voices which tap into a wide but fitting selection of vocal talent present. It isn’t just because of the various vocalists, the entire album is a huge exercise in collaboration. Featuring 14 artists (“two of them dead, and one who doesn’t know it”), it is improbable to come across a collaborative effort of this scale.”- Asif Khan /

" Now Audio Pervert’s Mountshiva, one of the early releases from his newest album Dark Robot (2013), is smooth synths combined with vibrant experimentations with ambient sounds ...”- 

" For many albums, this could be a death sentence.  But Audio Pervert's meticulous care shines through. He's taken time with each of these tracks, allowing them to slowly build and evolve " -  Rock Street Journal

" This 20 song album is a far-cry from Audio Pervert's previous electronic music experiments. From late night moody chillers to bass-rich EDM knockers to near crazy manipulation of synthesizers and samples, Dark Robot is an album of considerable taste and palette ...  " -  Sonic Village

With his latest release, Dark Robot, you are only sure of one  thing— it isn’t going to be a record that is easy to classify. Dark Robot is a sort of an audio fantasy ... Dark Robot is like a machine with a consciousness ..” -  Rolling Stone, India

" The Delhi-based artist takes few prisoners and has a reputation for telling it like it is, which also extends to his music. His latest offering is a 20 track album titled Dark Robot, with no less than 14 artists featured on the album (singers, synth geeks, guitarists, defunct classical composers and friendly rogues) ...” - 
Hennessy Artistry

INDIEARTH.COM and AUDIO PERVERT present the exclusive 4 track promo of DARK ROBOT - [ FREE ] Read / Sample / Download -