Oscillate / Physical !

M O D U L E 1 : Oscillate. 
Oscillate is the first electronic music showcase and collaboration between India and China. The first physical release by the Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA) : A new coalition of artists, labels and promoters working towards  the goal of building cultural and economic bridges between Asia's two most rapidly developing countries, China and India.
Stunning and alternative currents captured within the electronic music scenes of Beijing and New Delhi . Its sounds oscillate between dark, minimal beatscapes (Dead J, Beijing), digital rhythmic splices (FAR/∞, Beijing), deranged club-prophet spoken-word segues (Toymob, New Delhi), subtly sinister dance-floor sirens (Audio Pervert, New Delhi), and lush electro-acoustic spaceways (Hashback Hashish, New Delhi; plus iimmune,Beijing). 

Physical copies will be available via very select sources [In China and India] : Sinotronics (China) / Reproduce Artists (India)  / Wildcity.com (India) and Audio Pervert from February 2015 !

无脑 WUNAO !

Sino Indian Music Alliance (SIMA) presents
无脑  WUNAO !
a night of outer-brain Live Electronic Music + Sound Art + Noise-core + Dj Selections by 
SIMA is a new coalition of artists, labels, and promoters united in the goal of building cultural and economic bridges between Asia's two most rapidly developing countries, India and China. Tonight's event is an informal release party for SIMA's first physical release, the Module 1: Oscillate compilation CD featuring original tracks and remixes from New Delhi's Audio Pervert, Hashback Hashish, and Toymob and Beijing's Dead J, FAR/∞, and iimmune. Curated and produced by SIMA  [ Audio Pervert / REProduce Artists / Sinotronics ]

We'll celebrate in the form of outsider electronic jams with visiting Beijing noise mongers Josh Feola (Charm) and Jonathan Zeitlin (Alpine Decline). Solo and dual, oscillating the boundaries of our respective cities and their specific underground sound contexts.

Free Entry : Runtime =  7 - 11:30 pm / 17th December. Limited copies of Module1 Compilation.
K- 110, Basement, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi.

2014 SIMA Networks. Read Complete Review : Module 1 Oscillate Compilation.

[ Alt ] Film for Music

AFM1 : A multimedia experiment to forge and reinterpret two separate and unconnected works of art [film and music] into short video format. The combination of old film and electronic music has a compelling and unique effect in it's re-edited and re-compiled form. Accidental or Noir ?  A.F.M Part 1, showcases the Czech film Démanty Noci, made in 1964 by Director Jan Němec The AFM Series will feature various noir and archival films re-cut and re-interpreted with electronic music as an ongoing experiment in 2014 / 15.

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamonds_of_the_Night) : Music by Audio Pervert. Risk vs. Reward Studio. India. Creative Commons Audio Video Attribute. 2014. FreeMedia.



Late on my radar : The album is a true masterpiece blending minimal sound design, psychotic synth manipulation and creepy poetry. Erstwhile known as Senor Coconut and now as Atom™, the  album Liedgut, released in 2009 is radically different and refreshing, far from the subsidized status of German Techno. Released under the banner of Raster Noton [ Record Label and Design Agency ] the album is clearly futuristic and neo-spiritual in idea, construction and mix. Liedgut is brutally minimal and compulsively analog. The album is made for personal and close listening in after after hours ... : http://boomkat.com/cds/159016-atom-tm-liedgut

Download LIEDGUT Album [Format : mp3]

Disquiet @ Bakheda

Hemant Srikumar and Bakheda present Disquiet # 2. Featuring a motley roster of sound artists, this Disquiet session will exhibit an unique spectrum of synthesis and noise  via abstract audio-visual narratives. Featuring Da Saz, Granpa, Audio Pervert and Shivnakaun alongwith host and curator Hemant Srikumar, this episode of Disquiet is set to arouse an sonic extravaganza. Analog and Modular sound generation systems combined with a host of controlling software along-side organic (sensor and microphone based) inputs. Disquiet aims at deregulating frequencies, beats and sounds : to the 'need' of stepping outside the quantized norms of electronic music and trends. "The Diverging proto sound-art of New Delhi" 

Da Saz + Audio Pervert @ Disquiet. Modular and Digital System hybrid. Open Channel Flow. Improv state : Performance time = 55 minutes.


Hard Boiled Wonderland

Emerging artist and electronic music producer, Frame/Frame ( Nikhil Kaul ) has been making waves in the Indian electronica scene for just under three years. Frame/Frame's sound is a contrasting amalgamation of downtempo vibes, glitchy beats, wide bass-lines and ambient melodic stints riding along his penchant effected voice and lyrics. The new mini-EP titled Hard Boiled Wonderland is a reflection of Nikhil's synth-heavy pop tendencies, yet keeping the sound and production rather personal (dark) and minutely crafted. It's amazing how Frame/Frame has gradually managed to cull his sound out of a bedroom studio with minimal equipment and resources. Imaginative !
The first song on the EP features a collaborative cameo with MadBoy (Imaad Shah) of MadBoy Mink fame, on guitar and voice. The second song titled End Of The World harks at a dystopia of sorts, a system failure and the inevitable end. The mini-EP surely leaves the listener wanting for more Frame/Frame in the future ...


Dead Pixel

Teddy Boy Kill presents the Dead Pixel. Toymob and Audio Pervert  indulge in bold sounds,  electronic bonhomie and pensive tales  to manifest the 'Dead Pixel'. T.B.K is back ! Six songs reckoning one mega trip ! 

ACCESS DIRECT : Download FULL REZ:Dead Pixel 
The dead pixel tour ! Slamming the Teddy Boy Kill Sound in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Kolkata [ Oct / Nov 2014 ]

Bone Ringing

Jamblu's new EP titled Bone Ringing is a three song mini-odyssey loaded with macabre soundscapes and an undeniable, reticent, downward feeling. Cinematic in parts, atonal in places, the sound is forever drifting. Karthik Pillai, a.k.a Jamblu has a way with unearthly sounds from the nether world and melodies which creep out of a subconscious point of view. Even more challenging compared to his debut EP Depth Training. The first tune, City Of Heaven hovers as an after-thought with an embedded voice sample from the previous century. Mass Heat, fabricates a cavernous atmosphere crafted upon erie voices, oscillating vibrations  and long percussive drills. Clearly, space is a matter of taste for Jamblu. The final tune on Bone Ringing, titled Transcend brings contrasting musical desires to confront each other - Geared upon broken beats, articulated noise and dark refrains and some disturbed synthesizers, Jamblu is the ambassador of post-dystopia music. Lyrical without lyrics. Dense without overproduction. Devious with(out) intent ? Listen.


The Sino-Indian Music Alliance (S.I.M.A)

Oscillate / Module 1:

2014 manifests the the first ever compilation of contemporary electronic music from India and China !

Module 1 is an index of exchange between alternative currents within the Beijing and New Delhi underground electronic music scenes. Its sounds oscillate between dark, minimal beatscapes (Dead J, Beijing), digital rhythmic splices (FAR/∞, Beijing), deranged club-prophet spoken-word segues (Toymob, New Delhi), subtly sinister dancefloor sirens (Audio Pervert, New Delhi), and lush electro-acoustic space-ways (Hashback Hashish, New Delhi; iimmune, Beijing).

Module 1: Oscillate is the first physical release by the Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA), a new coalition of music industry professionals united in the goal of building cultural and economic bridges between Asia's two most rapidly developing countries. It was initiated by Sinotronics (record label, Beijing) and Audio Pervert (artist, New Delhi) and realized with the support and roster of New Delhi's REProduce Artists.

Module 1 is a crucial landmark for SIMA, a unique document of sub-cultural interaction and exchange along the lines of electronic music production India and China. SIMA began with the invitation of New Delhi duo Teddy Boy Kill to perform at the 2013 Dong Dong Festival in Beijing. In Spring 2014, Sinotronics curated a four-city China tour for Hashback Hashish, introducing him to the work of some Beijing's most progressive and influential electronic musicians: Dead J, FAR/∞, iimmune, Nara, JFI.

Module 1 captures this interaction through a process of literal exchange: mutual remixes between Hashback Hashish and iimmune. It touches on SIMA's previous landmarks (Teddy Boy Kill's individual members, Audio Pervert and Toymob, are both featured on the compilation) and looks forward to next moves: 

S.I.M.A What is ? Who is ? The Sino Indian Music Alliance is setting the most unique connections between electronic music artists in India and China. Focussing on increased movement of innovative artists, producers, promoters, and productions in both directions for 2015. Involved agencies such as Sinotronics, Wildcity.com, Dong Dong Festival and Reproduce Artists will be creating ventures to re-vitalize and explore the music markets of India and China.

Read more @bout S.I.M.A - thewildcity.com


Module 1 # PREVIEW / DOWNLOAD / SHARE / BUY : Format Hi-Rez+Mp3+FL

Black Bunker Sessions.

Geneva — August 2014.
The Black Bunker Studio is the home of POL / Robor / Sinesys / Robota Ichimu / Ghostape / Sunisit and various collaborative projects. Controller-in-chief POL (Otaku) has produced numerous recordings, mix projects and albums in the studio. Recently Da Saz (Lionel Dentan) and Audio Pervert created an electronic audio collage, a live performance of 5 hours with Robor, Sinesys and POL. The sound source is mostly analog, featuring the Make Noise Modular, Roland SH101, Moog Taurus, Doepfer Dark Energy, MFB Drums, Boss Delay3 and Korg MS20. Sonic abstractions collide with distinguished machines.


Chinese electronic musician Dead J is not interested in expressing normal human emotion. The former guitarist started making electronic music in 2000 and chooses to express the void, or a condition, through his sound "

Expressionist, Dead J (Shao Yanpeng) is searching via sound at the fringe, the void, far ends of the spectrum. Centered around techno, clearly minimal yet vibrant, warm and informal in creation : Dead J is potent and formidable in thought.  The Chinese electronic music scene. Beijing City. Modern Sky. Sinotronics : 2014.




Into The Abyss

" Perry and Burkett are uneducated, rootless, callow, lacking in personal resources. Delbert perhaps has benefitted from life in prison, as his son may. We meet Melyssa Burkett, who married Jason Burkett in prison and is now pregnant with his child — although, as Herzog observes, conjugal visits were not allowed. How did she become pregnant? She did, that's all. Herzog never sensationalizes, never underlines, expresses no opinions ... " Into The Abyss.


HYPERTRAP ?!! Enough said and bitched about trap music, this is  a total  Exhumation {spell} TRAP︻╦╤─ ЄXῌṲM∆₮ỊØИ . MIX ЯЄ∆Ɫ ЄⱢK ϨῌỊ₮ MỊX ─╤╦. The most whacked and authentic surprise. 2014 is Exhumed !   ЯЄ∆Ɫ ЄⱢK ϨῌỊ₮ & NO IT's NOT BURIAL ! They Sampled and Butchered 'Untrue' ...  TRAP  SOUND 

Stevie Wonder

Tribute song for Stevie Wonder's 64th Birthday ! 13th May.
Audio Pervert Remix of Stevie Wonder classic "Golden Lady" : Synthesizer Instrumental Version. 2014. Risk vs. Reward Studio Production. New Delhi. Downloadhttps://soundcloud.com/audiopervert/goldenlady-remix