声音是未来形式的真生活 :

The Album has been composed and recorded live using an array of modular and analog synthesizers + hardware sequencer. Recorded at Da Saz Sound Lab in 2015 - Mixed by Audio Pervert RISK Vs. Reward New Delhi. Produced by Da Saz & Audio Pervert.

Generative music is an experimental psychological audio adventure of Lionel Dentan and SamratB. Build on the concept of C3 - control + chance + change on Synthesizers via voltage and the signal continuum. Generative Music is a proto-type attempt to disembark from known forms of electronic music into the unknown and spontaneous possibilities of sound and it's effect on the mind. A series of synthesis engines and aural environments. Silence is important for such an experience ... 

A product of Indo-Swiss collaboration. 2015. Funded and Conceptualized by Real Networks : 2015.


Pyscho_Audio Promo#2

P s y c h o r i g i d (La Reunion) + A u d i o  P e r v e r t ( India ) 

Live @ SAKIFO 2014. Dont Stop The Party. Live Audio Video Sampler : Long Format Electronic Music Showcase. Electro, Maloya, Minimal, Footwork, Garage, Lo-End, Future Beats, Ambient EDM. Footage Camera / Dominique Iva ( Psychorigid ) Video edit : SamratB.
Published  Jun 11, 2015
LIVE @ SAKIFO: Dont Stop The Party !

PYSCHORIGID ( La Reunion Is )

Eye In The Sky [REMIX]

The Classic Alan Parsons song 'Eye In The Sky' recorded in 1982. Remix by Audio Pervert. The Original melody was transcribed via Virtual Audio2Midi MaxMSP. Speed Altered to 136 BPM with UK Garage 2StepClassic + Analog Vampire Synthesizer3 + DUB3EXT DSI-Bass. Future Garage Lovers Collectors Digital Only.

Video by Audio

 New Video by Audio Pervert : [ Kolkata ] 'Wide-angle View of Kolkata in Motion' Audio Pervert - Can I Eat This? All tracks composed, mixed and produced by Audio Pervert. 2015 © DOWNLOAD Hi-Q WAV/FLAC : /
Camera + Footage [ Night life and streets of Kolkata : Source = Hidden / ]  : 

Can I Eat This by Audio Pervert [ Download/Stream HQ ] :

Hybrid Protokol

Kolkata and it's electronic music culture share a diabolic relationship. Short sparks of (brilliant) indie music that happens inside the inconsistency of an underground sound culture. It creates a sense of challenge within the hiatus all the time. Time and again, producers, musicians and artists have arrived from completely independent backgrounds loaded with creative virtues, expressed with new music, new technology and new bands.

This time it's Hybrid Protocol. Who is ? " We share a common passion derived from Old school Electronic Music, Big Beat, Synthesizers & Music Technology "
Soumajit and Aneesh, created Hybrid Protocol in 2014, edging on the sound of "Big Room Dance" :  Both have clearly spawned their zeal from the love of early electronica [ Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Orbital and such pioneers ] They express a serious need to play electronic music live and "Playing our creations in the most unique way possible, is what our main interest is at .. " Soumajit's Indian classical music background was subsumed into the lava of electronic sounds, and eventually bolstered by the emerging art of recording, mixing and taking on the gadgets 'alive'. Aneesh, in making, has remained one of the brightest kids in the underground scene of Kolkata, with an independent spirit and musicality. Both these DIY-heads combined their musical inspirations into Hybrid Protokol. The name itself suggests a dichotomy of sounds, styles, beats and forms, not staying within a genre or methodology. Though, they have not released an album, listening to their bandcamp single [ Dementia ] is nostalgic as well as niche electronica. Strongly hinting at Apollo440 and 'Orbitalesque' inspiration. Hybrid Protokol contains a heavy dose of post-psychedelic sound syndromes. Their live performance reveals an almost rampant and infectious energy : On the go, upon a non-stop barrage of synthesizer riffs clinging on solid beats and funky breaks, arps and subversive bass-lines. 

New bands always spring forth capricious sounds and strange production maneuvers  : a reflection of their taste and what they aspire to be. Hybrid Protocol is poised for a take-off in India : is rearing, almost screaming at making a place in the Indian electronic music map. Here is to "Big Room Electronica" and sending out live electronic music ! Hybrid Protokol is performing, premier at Summer House Cafe. New Delhi - 19th June.  

LIVE SET [ Border Movement Veda Lounge Session ]


" Five familiar favorites from the Velvet Gentleman, performed using analog and digital synthesizers. Each piece uses a single synthesizer to create all voices. Spatial processing using analog hardware (spring reverb, tape delay). Mixed to 1/4" tape ... the spirit of (and with utmost respect to) Isao Tomita " Released 04 May 2015.

Modular Sound

DA SAZ + AUDIO PERVERT  present 'A Record of Synthesis'  A first-time engagement with Generative Music. Via prepared systems [modular and analog synthesizers]. RECORDED AT DA SAZ STUDIO NEW DELHI / LAUSANNE. Produced by Audio Pervert & Da Saz - 2015 © BINARY ANALOG MUSIC / PROTO INTELLIGENT SOUND INSPIRATION FOR CHILDREN + ADULTS .. Coming soon.

Hardware and software integrated system. The album was recorded over 7 sessions and 7 prepared patches in 2014 and 15. Very little digital editing has been applied at mix-stage leaving most of  the original tracks and passages, as is. Comprising of devices by INTELLIJEL . DOEPFER . HARVESTMAN . ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS . SNAZZY EFX . MICRO HADRON COLLIDOR . BENJOLIN . ROLAND . MAKENOISE + AD.DA FOCUSRITE - ABLETON / MAXMSP.  DIGITLOVE Designworks [SamratB] . This project and album is funded and curated by Real Networks : Indo Swiss Arts Collective.

Can I eat this

Download DIREKT : : Can I Eat This [320K Mp3+Art] Complete Album

DeadJ in India !


Hosted in India by S.I.M.A co-founder Samrat B — aka Audio Pervert, and Littlei plus a host of venues around the country, SIMA and core partners present the rising electronic soundscapes of Dead J, aka Shao Yanpeng. Across five concerts in three cities in India between late March and early April 2015. Dead J will be joined by China’s upcoming female electronic music producer Menghan and Markus M Schneider, aka MMS, co-founder of Beijing's first independent platform for electronic music culture, Metrowaves and partner of Beijing-based electronic music label Sinotronics. The tour and showcase events at Social and Barsoom (New Delhi) / High Spirits (Pune) and Veda (Kolkata). 

The tour has been driven and organized at a completely independent level, with various professional agencies and individuals supporting this maiden voyage of Chinese electronic music artists to India [ Big shouts 2, Social + Barsoom ( HKV Delhi), Dus Dozen and Littlei (Kolkata), High Spirits (Pune), Hashback Hashish (India) and Sinotronics (Beijing).

★ 27th March @ Social Hauz Khas Vill.
★ 3rd April @ Barsoom (Menghan Xclusive)
★ 10th April @ HighSpirits Pune.
★ 11th April @ Veda Kolkata.

For India / Audio Pervert, Delhi - SamratB /
For China / Sinotronics - Markus M Schneider /

Paradis. Love. Ulrich Siedl

Paradis : Love (Amour) part one of a trilogy directed by Austrian Director Ulrich Siedl, in cooperation with various austrian and german actors and film-makers. The film is a dark and insidious expose of european and african interaction via tourism. Sex based tourism. The film is stark, bare and direct in terms of delivery and narration : the actors seeming absolutely normal, everyday life and people. Replete of drama and the usual trappings of shock and awe, the movie clearly stands apart, and perhaps is really a brutal piece of honesty on film. Especially in an age of ludicrous fantasy and macabre unreality. Operating at various levels of an existing and disturbing social order, the film exposes and reveals the crude and inhuman nature of tourism and racism. Where the dire-disparate ways of the third world collides with the hard currency coated white trash of the first world. The internalized and deep rooted frustrations of a well-fed, well kept, austrian society impinges and willfully exploits the conditions of vicious poverty, malice and decrepitude of men in Kenya. A betwixt and sordid play of vagrant jobless black-love-studs and racist, love-less, middle class white european women. They fool each other, fuck, cheat, pretend and yet eventually remain totally segregated and sad. Brilliant, sad and in parts utterly cruel, the movie is perhaps too hard on the average mind as a reflection of human interaction and desires. All bound into one very sordid holiday story, titled Love. Ulrich Seidl is perhaps one of the most vital film makers of Europe as of now. This is beyond Dogma. 


Originally posted last year on Clash Magazine : Podcast series. A Kickass summer Mix by MACHINE DRUM [ T.Stewart ] Classic, Retrosonic sampling mixed with footwork, juke, trap, chicago-syn and the signature Machine Drum Working !

Soul Space

Soul Space is the electronic sound avatar of Vishnu PS : from Bangalore now residing in New Delhi. His new LP is like the perfect traveler's music - Clearly inspired by the surge of UK Garage, his sound is a peculier combination of Dub-Techno meets Four-Tet meets Royksopp meets oodles of synthesized ambience and melancholic harmony. The LP contains many tunes which reflect the producer's desires to formulate his musical ideas riding on solid four-on-the-floor virtues.  Subtle elements of minimal trance to stark elements of german techno are as obvious as is the expert sequencing of crafted bells and synthetic ambience on tracks like Morning At Roots and C'est La Vie. Our favorite track, on repeat, is titled You - A straight reckoner for all those who share The-love-of-Garage. Or is that Post-Garage now ? The song invokes a peculiar cosmic grit  trapped with a series of soft beats and a repeating haunting melody. As a producer, Soul-Space is sensitive to not ape the trends or stage himself as a studio jock. The tune Night, Night on the LP is a fry cry from the current mindless hiatus of EDM, Dubstep, Brainfeeder, Trap n Crap !  The sound of the album conjures after-hour feelings .. the emptiness of the dance floor that is possessed by dense harmonic tunes, embedded noise particles and precision beats. Soul Space is definitely a new player in the burgeoning electronic music scene of India, and we sure want to hear more ( production and 'more' live ) from Vishnu PS. Having Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Connaisseur Recordings), Komon (AUS Music) and Mark Farina (Om Records) to take notice of Soul Space, has been a clear indicator to this artist's future sound and direction .. or is that open to speculation ?! 

Chill The Fuck Down

This one is for the Hindu Buffalo. For The right-wing orthodox crust of India.  For the seething hindu saffronite masses. Denizens of a deeply disturbed and near hopeless state.

Shovel Knight Original !

♛ 8 bit composer Jake Kaufman. Shovel Knight Original  Amazing  LOFI Game Sound and Classic TONE  True 4/8 bit ART  Original + RMX  Classic Etudes  
The NES compiled version of this soundtrack (a single file under a megabyte, which contains the machine-language code for the music, and can be played back directly on  NES and Famicom hardware 1980.1983.1985 : The whole album can fit on 51/2 Diskette. Binary Melodica !

IJA & Vitamin Sex

Ija presents Vitamin Sex. The debut album of a new band is always loaded with as much hope and as much ambiguity. Pilled as Vitamin Sex - This music is not tailor-made EDM nor is it hankering for hapless facebook likes. Ija is a macabre combination in terms of musicality and backgrounds. Ashhar Farooqui a.k.a Toymob ( voice of Teddy Boy Kill ) meets Sahil Mehendiratta a.k.a Inspector Maal ( drummer, percussionist and sampler mangler ) meets Punit a.k.a Jantu ( guitarist and riffmonger ) makes a radical and vulnerable combo. 

Vitamin Sex is one ride composed of dramatic voices, big drums, squashed samples, tripped out guitars and oodles of smacked up effects and synth riffs. Some call this Electro Pop, some called it Hipster Hop. F**K that ! Vitamin Sex is a potboiler of experiences, moods, drugs, trips, tales and off course sex n love. V.S. is bound within a dark circle of sounds, hankering low-long bass-lines,  a bit of fashionable glitch and further stoked in multi-vocal layers. The production of the album reflects in the sound, which is fresh and copious. What strikes as forceful is the deliberate and trendy use of Bollywood samples mashed along rap, spoken word, chants and delirious melodies ! This Rap is not humble, Smoking Big-time bizarre Noji Nagas within Druggy Sagas. The album points to one obvious screaming expectation. For the love of Live ! Keep your radar on and make sure the Maal is $afe ~ Ija is here.

artwork by  Damini Parashar and Ari Jayprakash ( Kuru Chronicals )

"Guitarist Punit Jantu tells us, “VitaAmin Sex originally came about because of the story of Molly and Nunni, characters that were built around certain people that we knew due to certain coincidences. So, this story sort of intertwined with the whole songwriting process and the music, which are pretty risque by themselves.”

We Are All ... Fill in the Blank

"Hypocrites, Fraudulent Media, The Murderers and the apathy of globalized tragedy : This one is for Charlie Hebdo, by Noam Chomsky "

The world reacted with horror to the murderous attack on the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo. In the New York Times, veteran Europe correspondent Steven Erlanger graphically described the immediate aftermath, what many call France’s 9/11, as “a day of sirens, helicopters in the air, frantic news bulletins; of police cordons and anxious crowds; of young children led away from schools to safety. It was a day, like the previous two, of blood and horror in and around Paris.” The enormous outcry worldwide was accompanied by reflection about the deeper roots of the atrocity. “Many Perceive a Clash of Civilizations,” a New York Times headline read.
The reaction of horror and revulsion about the crime is justified, as is the search for deeper roots, as long as we keep some principles firmly in mind. The reaction should be completely independent of what one thinks about this journal and what it produces. The passionate and ubiquitous chants “I am Charlie,” and the like, should not be meant to indicate, even hint at, any association with the journal, at least in the context of defense of freedom of speech. Rather, they should express defense of the right of free expression whatever one thinks of the contents, even if they are regarded as hateful and depraved.

And the chants should also express condemnation for violence and terror. The head of Israel’s Labor Party and the main challenger for the upcoming elections in Israel, Isaac Herzog, is quite right when he says that “Terrorism is terrorism. There’s no two ways about it.” He is also right to say that “All the nations that seek peace and freedom [face] an enormous challenge” from murderous terrorism – putting aside his predictably selective interpretation of the challenge.

Erlanger vividly describes the scene of horror. He quotes one surviving journalist as saying that “Everything crashed. There was no way out. There was smoke everywhere. It was terrible. People were screaming. It was like a nightmare.” Another surviving journalist reported a “huge detonation, and everything went completely dark.” The scene, Erlanger reported, “was an increasingly familiar one of smashed glass, broken walls, twisted timbers, scorched paint and emotional devastation.” At least 10 people were reported at once to have died in the explosion, with 20 missing, “presumably buried in the rubble.”

These quotes, as the indefatigable David Peterson reminds us, are not, however, from January 2015. Rather, they are from a story of Erlanger’s on April 24 1999, which made it only to page 6 of the New York Times, not reaching the significance of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Erlanger was reporting on the NATO (meaning US) “missile attack on Serbian state television headquarters” that “knocked Radio Television Serbia off the air.” There was an official justification. “NATO and American officials defended the attack,” Erlanger reports, “as an effort to undermine the regime of President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia.” Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon told a briefing in Washington that “Serb TV is as much a part of Milosevic's murder machine as his military is,” hence a legitimate target of attack. The Yugoslavian government said that “The entire nation is with our President, Slobodan Milosevic,” Erlanger reports, adding that “How the Government knows that with such precision was not clear."

No such sardonic comments are in order when we read that France mourns the dead and the world is outraged by the atrocity. There need also be no inquiry into the deeper roots, no profound questions about who stands for civilization, and who for barbarism. Isaac Herzog, then, is mistaken when he says that “Terrorism is terrorism. There’s no two ways about it.” There are quite definitely two ways about it: terrorism is not terrorism when a much more severe terrorist attack is carried out by those who are Righteous by virtue of their power. Similarly, there is no assault against freedom of speech when the Righteous destroy a TV channel supportive of a government that they are attacking. By the same token, we can readily comprehend the comment in the New York Times of civil rights lawyer Floyd Abrams, noted for his forceful defense of freedom of expression, that the Charlie Hebdo attack is “the most threatening assault on journalism in living memory.” He is quite correct about “living memory,” which carefully assigns assaults on journalism and acts of terror to their proper categories: Theirs, which are horrendous; and Ours, which are virtuous and easily dismissed from living memory.

We might recall as well that this is only one of many assaults by the Righteous on free expression. To mention only one example that is easily erased from “living memory,” the assault on Falluja by US forces in November 2004, one of the worst crimes of the invasion of Iraq, opened with occupation of Falluja General Hospital. Military occupation of a hospital is, of course, a serious war crime in itself, even apart from the manner in which it was carried out, blandly reported in a front-page story in the New York Times, accompanied with a photograph depicting the crime. The story reported that “Patients and hospital employees were rushed out of rooms by armed soldiers and ordered to sit or lie on the floor while troops tied their hands behind their backs.” The crimes were reported as highly meritorious, and justified: “The offensive also shut down what officers said was a propaganda weapon for the militants: Falluja General Hospital, with its stream of reports of civilian casualties.”

Evidently such a propaganda agency cannot be permitted to spew forth its vulgar obscenities.

Official Noam Chomsky Archive and Current Works :


120 hours !
Orbit - A summit for Live Media. Multiple streams of art, music and electronic sound design. Location : Mukteshwar - Himalayas. India. A residency and interactive sessions lasting 5 days and nights. Combined efforts of 5 artists from diverse practices would create an artistic experience which transcends the usual norms and boundaries of individual work. Featuring Ari Jayapraskash and his repertoire of The Kuru Chronicles. Voice, beats and synths by Teddy Boy Kill. Abstract sound, noise, hyper-tones by Sin:drome : Guitars and Bass by Puneet Bhatt a.k.a Swargtara.
More than 50 different pieces of art and 15 live audio recording sessions were achieved during the summit run. Mixed and re-edited in New Delhi, by Audio Pervert, the project culminates it's efforts into a 15 minute short-film documentary. Completely D.I.Y, Orbit is clearly one of it's kind event in India.

2015 Audio Pervert Production ® Man Mountain Film Unit © Hi_Rez A/V bit 48KHZ widescreen 1080 DVC.




Frame/Frame Pariah

Frame/Frame's new EP is titled Pariah (A person who is hated and rejected by other people. Says our official word software - Miriam Webster ). That aside, the first song Pariah ushers the listener immediately into a landscape of an imaginary video game. Steadily cascading on dark envelopes, the listener is  jostling irate snare drum hits and keeping the beat to a steady rising trance. Minimal as we like our synths and bass-line. The song is an essential after hours chiller as one might say 'go home with a hundred bizarre thoughts'. Nice Mastering. Track two, Rivals seems a fight between Gus Gus and Crystal Castles ! on the same stage at the same time. Square bass-line turn into a cheeky trance pillage. Brave. Vagabond and Wasted is knocking on the doors of Berlin clubs. Bring on the fat claps and throbbing bass-lines. Oh wait !  christmas bells and santa synths come riding along. This is the most interesting and bizarre track on the EP ! Why ? Imagine Santa Clause, Afrika Bambata and Kid Rock on the same song- the combinations and genre meltdown ! The album cover harks yet another dystopian doomsday message. Yet Why Stop the Party ? The EP settles down with Papillon. Time to sleep to a waltz, as all ends well with the bell ... Sweet synths and 3/4 dreams ... Frame/Frame's voracious rate of writing songs and albums is clear, as is the artist's rising production skills, sound appeal and composition. 

Pariah EP

by Frame/Frame : FREE DOWNLOAD : HI REZ