Synth Farm

A three day interactive workshop for and by musicians who attempt to demystify the various building blocks of Synthesis, Ableton Live and How to Perform Live Electronic Music - Synth Farm was witness to a spectrum of musicians, emerging DJs, studio hacks, synth freaks and sound designers - In discussion, full of questions and exploring the building blocks of electronic music and synthesis through specific sessions. Fairly 'open' in in curriculum, the 3day event was it's first kind set up by Varun Desai [Little I / Yidam ] at a completely DIY (inexpensive) level. Such efforts are far more valuable than the costly crash-courses offered by self styled producers inside plush studios & academies.

SynthFarm [ 4/5/6 December ] saw 9 participants, 3 mentors, 2 cooks, 2 dogs and a vast collection of synthesizers, samplers and audio processors wired up. Approximately 25 hours of electronic sounds, music, experiments and several discussions were archived.

STUDIO #1 / The Science by Da Saz
STUDIO # 2 / The Jam & Record with 5 volts
STUDIO # 3 / Ableton Live with Audio Pervert

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