Bombay Black Hole

B O M B A Y  B L A C K  H O L E 
The original crew of Bombay Black (1999-2001) presents BOMBAY BLACK HOLE - The Super-group album, remixes and a live tour. The much expected album is out December 2015 followed by a multi-city, hyper-genre tour in the new year. Stay tuned. Bombay Black is back on the attack ! Sparking off a stellar line up of producers and key instrumentalists, Bombay Black Hole is a siren in the scene !!

#Line Up

'HEADSTOCK' Paresh Kamath [ Guitarist, Ruff Poet, Hypnotribe, Kailash Kher ]

'FUNC' Randolf Correia [ Guitarist, Producer, Shaair & Func, Pentagram, Func International ]

'AUDIO PERVERT' Samrat B [ Producer, Teddy Boy Kill, Synth Freak, DJ ]

'DARK CIRCLE FACTORY' Lindsay DMello [ Producer, Composer, Drummer ]

'INDUSTRY' Abhijit Nalani [ Producer, Composer, Hit-Maker ]

'TYRONE_DI_OXIDE' Tyrone Fernandes [ Guitarist, Sound Engineer, FOH Live ]

'BASS CAVE' Jaideep [ Composer, Bass Player ]

'NORTHFACE' Vibhas Rahul [ Percussionist, Drummer, Grooverider ]

'KITE' Naresh Kamath [ Bass Player, Tech-Nerd, Singer ]

B O M B A Y B L A C K H O L E [ art by blacktv.word 2015 ]

Core : debut album

CORE - Debut Album by POL - Da Saz - Audio Pervert. " a trio searching the  synchronous, live and totally unpredictable moments of electronic music - exploring the vast possibilities of modular and analog synthesis "  Recorded over 5 days in Bottens, Switzerland. Produced by Audio Pervert, Da Saz and POL / Mixed by Da Saz + Alta-Voix ESP.

  • A first time record of Indo-Swiss Electronic Music. Music as Protoculture. Curated by Real Networks. 
    Release date - October 2015. Format - Digital HI-REZ/ ONLINE / FREE DOWNLOAD - Curated by Real Networks Artist Collective - 2015.

The Psychedelight India Tour

Planete MarsReal Networks and Gate Crash present a brand new Indo-Swiss cultural synergy via contemporary music. Performing live in New Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Mahadev Cometo - The Psychedelight India Tour 2015 happens to be a stunning audio visual experience. An artistic presence that surpasses the boundaries of classical as well as electronic forms - the essence of the Pyschedelight Experience’.

The band consists of Mahadev Cometo (Alain Monod) on Sitar - emerging tabla player Rajneesh Tiwari from Varanasi - Visual artist Jean Louis Gafner with his penchant ‘psychedelic’ ‘ live art ’ and POL engineering live electronic beats and synthesizers.

synthesis is life

Bombay Black !

Bombay Black presents a Super Group Album, videos, re-mixes and a Live Tour. December 2015 onwards ! The original, double edged crew of Bombay Black is back  with a blast of sounds and songs : The new 'indie' order ! featuring a stellar Indian line up of musicians, instrumentalists, singers and producers. Re-sounding in forms unheard - beaming from the suburbia - breaking into the current hiatus and vanguards of mainstream Mumbai !

  • London Based WEIRDCORE is represented globally by PRETTY BIRD - A fresh armada of digital design - unabashed distorted and contrasting imagery
  • Weirdcore is a radical minimal design agency based out of Los Angeles and London : Past clients include MIA, Tame Impala, Gwen Stefani, Dazed and Creators Project.


Core - New collective of electronic music, promoting alternate digital audio-visual culture from Switzerland and India. Core is the self_titled debut  album featuring POL Sinus, Audio Pervert and Da Saz - The project aims to enhance and challenge existing norms of Electronic Music. Based on Live Synthesis and Generative Sound, Core is a vibrant audio-visual journey, much outside the commercial (and mundane) realms of EDM. Produced by Audio Pervert, Da Saz and POL [ Recorded in Bottens Lausanne - August 2015 ] Mixed by Lionel-D [CH] + Alta-Voix [ESP] -  Complete album of 9 songs out in October 2015 . Curated and Funded by REAL NETWORKS Inc. - Further Supported by C.A.S + :


More info :


声音是未来形式的真生活 :

The Album has been composed and recorded live using an array of modular and analog synthesizers + hardware sequencer. Recorded at Da Saz Sound Lab in 2015 - Mixed by Audio Pervert RISK Vs. Reward New Delhi. Produced by Da Saz & Audio Pervert.

Generative music is an experimental psychological audio adventure of Lionel Dentan and SamratB. Build on the concept of C3 - control + chance + change on Synthesizers via voltage and the signal continuum. Generative Music is a proto-type attempt to disembark from known forms of electronic music into the unknown and spontaneous possibilities of sound and it's effect on the mind. A series of synthesis engines and aural environments. Silence is important for such an experience ... 

A product of Indo-Swiss collaboration. 2015. Funded and Conceptualized by Real Networks : 2015.


Animal Farm

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream ?
If you’ve read George Orwell’s Animal Farm which he wrote in the mid-1940s, it was a satire on the Soviet Union, a totalitarian state. It was a big hit. Everybody loved it. Turns out he wrote an introduction to Animal Farm which was suppressed by various concerned and governing people in the UK. It only appeared 30 years later. Someone had found it in his papers. The introduction to Animal Farm was about "Literary Censorship in England" and what it says is that obviously this book is ridiculing the Soviet Union and its totalitarian structure. But he said England is not all that different. As today almost all parts of the world are. A totalitarian scheme lead by devious incorrect media and journalism.

photo by Carlos Fancellu - Barrio De Carmen, Valencia. Spain.

Exploring Instability !

The article was originally published at - A part  of short features representing electronic musicians exploring synthesis and sound-art in India.

"Electronic sound devices are far less restricted and adverse to absolute pitch and timbre "

A revolution is on its way, changing the way music and sound can be imagined in the near future" : a prophetic comment made by Pierre Schaeaffer (French sound theorist and music concrete visionary) way back in 1972. " Why does electronic and orchestral music have to be restricted and enslaved to a repeating constant : that of pitch and tempo ? Can you imagine music with tempi ?(constantly changing tempo) " A question posed by Karlheinz Stockhausen (German composer and electronic music pioneer ) in a letter titled " Advice to Clever Children " - Wire Magazine 1995. Stockhausen, Schaeffer, Steve Reich, John Cage and a host of other modernists (dealing in the future of sound and music in the 60s and 70s) were challenging the principle of stable musical instruments and further demystifying the universe of frequency manipulation. This exploration into uncharted and unheard of sounds would lead to modular synthesis and the magic of controlled chance ...

Decades later, as music synthesis would become an art in itself, reshaping again and again from a state of 'medusa' cables running for miles into a universe of modular, subtractive, additive, fm, modeling, virtual and wavetable synthesizers. The future visions had surely manifested itself a thousand times in virtual and real ways, without doubt. Thousands of musicians got sucked into the endless highway of the sound and unsound. Across the world, synthesis of one sort or another accounts for 90% of what we hear in terms of sound and music. Yet within this 90% enormity of homogenized and industrial electronic sounds, beats, chords, styles, trends and techniques, is a tiny presence, a fringe group of artists who continue to push aside the boundaries of absolute pitch and tempo. Kicking the technological curve to produce what we can't imagine yet. Always trying to break the pattern, committed to states of glitch and chance, exploring the 'un'quantized and chaotic effects of sound creation. Effecting the human psych with a medium which is amorphous and androgynous.

" I am exploring instability. Searching the 'other' side of the sound spectrum. Where most composers usually don't dwell or even reach " comments Lionel Dentan when asked what his vision of electronic music and sound is all about. " Over time I have acquired an acute likeness for music outside the standard methods of creation and consumption. With modular synthesizers the journey of sound has turned unlimited and the aural possibilities infinite ". 16 years now living in India, and having traversed a decade of Indian classical music on the Sitar ( under tutelage of Late Ustad Sattar Bhai - Bangladesh ), Lionel has produced many projects exploring sounds of electronic and acoustic nature, from various countries and cultures. Growing up listening to punk and jazz, Lionel did not foresee his vast musical journey from Switzerland to India. In 2008, Jet Lag (a post-modern sufi pop project) produced by Lionel and David Scufari featuring an international cast of musicians was released by Phat Phish Records, Mumbai. 

Background 2004 - 2012 : With his wife Namrata Pamnani, an emerging Kathak dancer and choreographer, Lionel has co-created dance based performances, applying electronic sound upon movement art.  Lionel and Ish (Edgecut / Sound Reason) have produced a host of recordings experimenting with concepts of tone, noise and glitch. Several of these compositions have been featured in the Sound Reason Compilation (Volume 1 & 2) produced by Ish in association with Sarai, Goethe Institut and Khoj : This collaboration has further expanded gradually with an international faculty of sound artists / groups such as Rastar Noton and Eisentanz  from Germany and Andy Guhl from Switzerland. His extensive participation in the CeC (Carninal of E Creativity) has lead to discovering circuit bent gadgets and his initial foray into D.I.Y synth building ethics. Captain Dubroshniev, another avatar of Lionel featuring the multi instrumentalist Gena Lavrentiev from Moscow is about ambient, melodic and deep frequency manipulated passages. " We tried to imagine the inside of a submarine, stuck in the Aral Sea. The captain exiled, alone in his cabin with some synthesizers .. for life. 

His early exploits into synthesis were ad-hoc. Extended improvisations using digital and virtual sources merging with acoustic instruments and effects. Taking live jabs at synthesizers and drum machines along-with his cohort Audio Pervert resulted in " some far out, near mad sound parties at my house " Lionel recounts earlier recording and jam sessions circa 2006 till 08, and the involved 'audio bonhomie' with synthesizers and like minded friends. "We would create bizarre and evolving sound atmospheres. Patching in as many instruments one could… I was not really interested in making 'safe' dance music just because I had gotten a Roland TR606 or the SH101 or even have to quantize my beats to any constant tempo. I discovered CV and the analog synthesizer signal blew my head off. The improvisation jams would go on for 6 to 8 hours. Leaving us empty and quiet in the head, the next day ". Over time, Lionel acquired an array of monophonic synthesizers and boutique sound devices as his main weapons of sound and noise. As contrasting to his understanding of synthesis, his exploration into middle-eastern music structures and instruments ( Saaz, Rabaab and Ud) is a vital link to his dual east-west mindset. On lazy days he would play a bit of jazz and blues on the guitar as well. Yet, Lionel remains rather reticent about his musical journey and the accolades within.

Q. Tell us a bit about the analog sound and modular synthesizers ?
A. Most people might not care one way or another. Yet analog devices and synthesizers
sound way better, warmer or even crazier than virtual or number crunching models of
synthesis. I have spend years in virtual or digital synthesis and that is all fine to a point.
Yet analog synthesizers and their sound sculpting capabilities remain esoteric and special
due to the intricacies of each manufacturer and the hardware which gives certain synths a signature sound. The reason 'acid heads' go wow when they hear a typical 303 bass squelch. As for the modular systems, it is the final frontier of synthesis. An open system where individual units such as oscillators, filters, ADSR shapers, matrix sequencers, effects, sampling delays etc. can be routed and patched in any logical progression. The signal flow in modular systems is infinite in terms of modulation and dynamic control. An universe in there [pointing to his modular rack]. You decide everything in there … Within minutes a given atmosphere can evolve into something unimaginable. There are many good virtual modular synths such as the Nord Virtual and the N.I. Reaktor, for one to learn the basics building blocks for all kinds of synthesis. Though its easy to understand why the 'working musician' or even the emerging 'EDM jock' don't care about modular or analog synthesis, as it takes a while to get musically 'useful' results from such open synthesis. There are no presets to dial in and get instant gratification. Guess that is why it is mostly reserved in nerdy, academic or audiophile circles. Though, off late I do see a clear trend in many younger electronic musicians who want to experiment and use analog synthesizers.

Q. Tell us about your approach to playing live ?
A. It has changed a lot over the years. I made many changes in my set-up bit by bit. I prefer to use my modular systems ( Make Noise or Intellijel ) as my principle instrument for extended and experimental performances. I do like using drum machines and monophonic synths (such as the Korg Volcas and Roland SH101) for acid-house and techno inspired sets. My favorite piece of 'ambience and dub' making device is the Moog delay which is a part of my arsenal on most live performances. On more ambient and obscure sound settings I prefer using some of the boutique sound toys such as the Buddha Machine, VTOL and the Leploop. I really dig the circuit bent Gameboy along-with the modified Casio SK1 for  glitchy, noisy brain-feeder type of music. The semi modular systems such as the Doepfer Dark Energy and the Epoch are reserved for more harsher and deep bass frequencies, sometimes made even worse with the use old guitar pedals ( the infamous RAT distortion ).

Discog 2007 - 2012


Pierre Schaeaffer
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Advice to Clever Children!

The Hauz Khas Pillage

A short info-graphic history of Hauz Khas Village over the last 15 years. Now considered by many as ' the ' cultural bastion of New Delhi. 

Dawn of the Black Hearts

Dawn of the Black Hearts is a live album by the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. It is infamous for bearing a photograph of Mayhem's vocalist, Dead (Per Yngve Ohlin), after his suicide in April 1991. The photograph was taken by Mayhem's guitarist, Øystein Aarseth, when he discovered the body just a few hours after the incident - Per Yngve had shot himself in the head, with a .41 gauge shotgun, pointblank.

Documentary of Black Metal Life & Times in Norway

Audio Canon

Created @ SXSW : Music-Hack-Championship 2014 by Paul Lamere. Powered by The Echo NestDive in with your favorite tune !

Pyscho_Audio Promo#2

P s y c h o r i g i d (La Reunion) + A u d i o  P e r v e r t ( India ) 

Live @ SAKIFO 2014. Dont Stop The Party. Live Audio Video Sampler : Long Format Electronic Music Showcase. Electro, Maloya, Minimal, Footwork, Garage, Lo-End, Future Beats, Ambient EDM. Footage Camera / Dominique Iva ( Psychorigid ) Video edit : SamratB.
Published  Jun 11, 2015
LIVE @ SAKIFO: Dont Stop The Party !

PYSCHORIGID ( La Reunion Is )

Pocket Operator

POCKET OPERATORS are really cleverly designed sound generators and instruments. [ forget the truckloads of plastic trash - push - pull - etc ] Ramped on a single circuit board with all the vital and sensitive components under the LCD display. At a 70 Euro cost, high quality components, Teenage Engineering guarantee the best possible sound and very low power consumption. With an Instant Gratification Sequencer and Punchy Trendy Effects. Built in Speakers as Well. Powerful Headphone Output. Input Audio for Sync and Trigger. For Live !

The  PO Circuit -
1 silabs efm 32 gecko mcu
1 cirrus logic dac
1 knowles high quality speaker
1 high quality crystal for solid clock.

Eye In The Sky [REMIX]

The Classic Alan Parsons song 'Eye In The Sky' recorded in 1982. Remix by Audio Pervert. The Original melody was transcribed via Virtual Audio2Midi MaxMSP. Speed Altered to 136 BPM with UK Garage 2StepClassic + Analog Vampire Synthesizer3 + DUB3EXT DSI-Bass. Future Garage Lovers Collectors Digital Only.

Video by Audio

 New Video by Audio Pervert : [ Kolkata ] 'Wide-angle View of Kolkata in Motion' Audio Pervert - Can I Eat This? All tracks composed, mixed and produced by Audio Pervert. 2015 © DOWNLOAD Hi-Q WAV/FLAC : /
Camera + Footage [ Night life and streets of Kolkata : Source = Hidden / ]  : 

Can I Eat This by Audio Pervert [ Download/Stream HQ ] :

Hybrid Protokol

Kolkata and it's electronic music culture share a diabolic relationship. Short sparks of (brilliant) indie music that happens inside the inconsistency of an underground sound culture. It creates a sense of challenge within the hiatus all the time. Time and again, producers, musicians and artists have arrived from completely independent backgrounds loaded with creative virtues, expressed with new music, new technology and new bands.

This time it's Hybrid Protocol. Who is ? " We share a common passion derived from Old school Electronic Music, Big Beat, Synthesizers & Music Technology "
Soumajit and Aneesh, created Hybrid Protocol in 2014, edging on the sound of "Big Room Dance" :  Both have clearly spawned their zeal from the love of early electronica [ Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Orbital and such pioneers ] They express a serious need to play electronic music live and "Playing our creations in the most unique way possible, is what our main interest is at .. " Soumajit's Indian classical music background was subsumed into the lava of electronic sounds, and eventually bolstered by the emerging art of recording, mixing and taking on the gadgets 'alive'. Aneesh, in making, has remained one of the brightest kids in the underground scene of Kolkata, with an independent spirit and musicality. Both these DIY-heads combined their musical inspirations into Hybrid Protokol. The name itself suggests a dichotomy of sounds, styles, beats and forms, not staying within a genre or methodology. Though, they have not released an album, listening to their bandcamp single [ Dementia ] is nostalgic as well as niche electronica. Strongly hinting at Apollo440 and 'Orbitalesque' inspiration. Hybrid Protokol contains a heavy dose of post-psychedelic sound syndromes. Their live performance reveals an almost rampant and infectious energy : On the go, upon a non-stop barrage of synthesizer riffs clinging on solid beats and funky breaks, arps and subversive bass-lines. 

New bands always spring forth capricious sounds and strange production maneuvers  : a reflection of their taste and what they aspire to be. Hybrid Protocol is poised for a take-off in India : is rearing, almost screaming at making a place in the Indian electronic music map. Here is to "Big Room Electronica" and sending out live electronic music ! Hybrid Protokol is performing, premier at Summer House Cafe. New Delhi - 19th June.  

LIVE SET [ Border Movement Veda Lounge Session ]


" Five familiar favorites from the Velvet Gentleman, performed using analog and digital synthesizers. Each piece uses a single synthesizer to create all voices. Spatial processing using analog hardware (spring reverb, tape delay). Mixed to 1/4" tape ... the spirit of (and with utmost respect to) Isao Tomita " Released 04 May 2015.

Modular Sound

DA SAZ + AUDIO PERVERT  present 'A Record of Synthesis'  A first-time engagement with Generative Music. Via prepared systems [modular and analog synthesizers]. RECORDED AT DA SAZ STUDIO NEW DELHI / LAUSANNE. Produced by Audio Pervert & Da Saz - 2015 © BINARY ANALOG MUSIC / PROTO INTELLIGENT SOUND INSPIRATION FOR CHILDREN + ADULTS .. Coming soon.

Hardware and software integrated system. The album was recorded over 7 sessions and 7 prepared patches in 2014 and 15. Very little digital editing has been applied at mix-stage leaving most of  the original tracks and passages, as is. Comprising of devices by INTELLIJEL . DOEPFER . HARVESTMAN . ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS . SNAZZY EFX . MICRO HADRON COLLIDOR . BENJOLIN . ROLAND . MAKENOISE + AD.DA FOCUSRITE - ABLETON / MAXMSP.  DIGITLOVE Designworks [SamratB] . This project and album is funded and curated by Real Networks : Indo Swiss Arts Collective.