Bombay Black Hole

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#Razz [Session9]
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#Aphrodisia Redux by Audio Pervert
++ 11 Remixes by a host of emerging producers and bands.

Remix Black

Bombay Black Remix Album! A massive & sharp response from the indie scene ! Emerging producers send out a blazing run of Drum&Bass, Electro, Abstract, Glitch and Synthetic Remixes of Bombay Black, Snow White & The Seven Bungalows. 
Featuring Madboy, Shantam, Fuzz Culture, Sameeruddin, Toymob, Fuzzy Logic, Jack-in-the-Box, Spycam & Frame/Frame.

MAY 2016!

Jessop & Co.

Chaos, dissonance, in-harmonics, unpredictability, latent brutality and an overall sense of non-conformity is what makes Jessop & Co. (from Kolkata) a complete anomaly in the scene.  A scene otherwise dotted with instantly gratifying DJs & the occasional starlets christened by brands such as RBMA. Jessop's sound shoots an arrow of defiance or even a bursting spark inside the vast universe of noise and experimental, psychological sound dimensions. Exit 4/4 slavery, Enter Planet Unstable Frequency.

The band is Anupal Adhikari and Subho Sen Sharma . The visual paradigm of 
Sabyasachi Chowdhury creates the trio of Shunya or 0000 - Culled upfront as 'Bengali-to-the-core', yet totally anarchistic and liberal in their ideas of  sound, music and synthesis. In a blindfold test scenario, it would be impossible to imagine a sound, this stark & yet so meditative emerging from the backwaters of urban Kolkata. Is Jessop the 'sonder' of a very slow decaying place ? The method to their expression is chaotic itself, as Jessop compose and perform off several analog and digital processes. A tandem chain of noise machines and samplers on Max MSP and Ableton Live. Often a macabre sight of t00 many cables. "The laptop will just heat up, way too much... I want some real analog gear now" Say Subho, as the initial debauchery inside the digital realm reaches an over-load of sorts.  A series of stark monochromatic reactions of sound is forged upon old television sets, lights and projections.  Their sound is definitely veering towards a twisted cinematic thought stream. Their beats and bass-lines are mostly invisible and incognito. Multiple layers of subliminal ambience is applied and negated in the due course of each song. Yet these compositions are not songs, not for you, not for your granny or the local dj. Noise is omnipotent facet of Jessop & Co. Everyone has a story, Jessop is a journey into the nether world of sound dystopia. Political nature of music and sound is seldom traversed in India, exceptions become even more important in an otherwise no-brain free market world.

"Aspiring lobbyists for the unstable and the incoherent, or the willingly intoxicated."

The WildCity review -


0000 - in chemicals. in audio visual.

Nikhil Narendra

Nikhil Narendra, in his late 20's is a quiet and almost demure persona. A very unique producer and musician who has remained in the shadows of the technologized landscape of Bangalore. Away from the seething roaring trends and the raise-thy-hands discotheques, His newest release is aptly titled as - MA-SHIT ! A massive collage of post hip-hop desires. A cascading flow of leftover samples and arte-facts clubbed together with lo-fi drums and several chirpy and evolving ambient passages. This is true late-night smokers delight.  Or this is audio-juice for children ala creche. Dark & Happy ! The vagrant yet delicate mangling of samples reminds us of Dimlit and Robert Henke, as they could co-exist inside Nikhil's aspirations. Nikhil's evolving production skills aside, the most exciting aspect of this sound is that, he is able to borrow, skip, cut, steal, contextualize and improvise in his unique way. As many hats or as a true brainfeeder ! Check out his deep ambient set with Shreyas Dipali - Monohive Sessions @ BFLAT Bar, Bangalore.

consolidate - FRNDS & FMLY '16

Bangalore awakens to a series of emerging artists dispersing out into the hiatus, with a raw and unpretentious barrage of sounds.
One of the most talented yet as obscure and moody producers behind this bright flash of raw talent is Rahul Giri a.k.a _RHL and producer sound designer of Sulk Station.
consolidate - FRNDS & FMLY '16 claims to be the "music is vivid, sticky and as much a cross section of the nation's underground aesthetics as ever " - Traces of post-hiphop, trap, ambientism, brainfeeder and the current zeitgeist of chopped vocal samples bring together a host of new producers such as Aniruddh Menon, Aerate Sound, Ocean-tied, Pardafash [ our favorite moniker ] and Disco Puppet. Whats missing in the so called Indian EDM scene is the need to break rules and to collaborate, to procreate. Sans the stupid builds & drop, the dull white noise climaxes and aggressive mastering jobs, this compilation avoids those trappings rather well.

Oodles of glitch, melody, solos, moody downers, broken beats, sultry singers, desi sampling, irate drum programming and dashed live instruments -  consolidate - FRNDS & FMLY clearly harks at stepping outside the norms of 'raise-thy-hands' trance boppers.  The brain-feeder legacy continues to warp and cull out the strangest samples and passages of music. Its no surprise the likes of Thump and Resident Advisor are finally listening to some credible and interesting music outside their chaste circles of consumption. This compilation and the little army of producers built a wall of sound which is special. We like, very much.


Featured Artists - Bangalore.
_RHL - @dashrhl
Aerate Sound - @aerate-sound
Aniruddh Menon - @aniruddh-s-menon

Disco Puppet - @discopuppet
Oceantied - @oceantied
Pardafash - @pardafash
Zubin Aroz - @zubin-aroz
Worm’s Cottage - @wormscottage


MODULE 2 : Emerge is the second release by the Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA), a coalition of artists, labels and agents united in the goal of building new cultural bridges between Asia's two most rapidly developing countries.

Emerge is produced and curated by Sinotronics, Audio Pervert and Hashback Hashish -with the support roster of REProduce Artists, Vital Agency and littlei Kolkata. 

This unique 8-track compilation is the new index of exchange between alternative currents of the distant yet contrasting Sino-Indian electronic music cultures. The compilation cuts across genres, styles and tastes with the combined efforts of a gamut of emerging artists - Featuring Hybrid Protokol, 5volts from Kolkata, Hashback Hashish, Jamblu from New Delhi, _RHL from Bangalore and on the China side - From Beijing (Nara, Menghan), and from Changchun (JFI). 




Update AUDIO PERVERT. Version4.0 [Location- Spain]

Synth Farm

 A three day interactive workshop for and by musicians who attempt to demystify the various building blocks of Synthesis, Ableton Live and How to Perform Live Electronic Music - Synth Farm was witness to a spectrum of musicians, emerging DJs, studio hacks, synth freaks and sound designers - In discussion, full of questions and exploring the building blocks of electronic music and synthesis through specific sessions. Fairly 'open' in India, the event was it's first kind set up by Varun Desai [Little I / Yidam ] at a completely DIY (inexpensive) level. 

The first edition [ 4/5/6 December ] saw 8 participants, 3 mentors, 2 cooks, 2 dogs and a vast collection of synthesizers, samplers and audio processors wired up. Approximately 25  hours of electronic sounds, music, experiments and several discussions were archived.

STUDIO #1 / The Science by Da Saz
STUDIO # 2 / The Jam & Record with Mr. 5 volts
STUDIO # 3 / Ableton Live with Audio Pervert

Read the complete project info -

Next Synth-Farm [ to be announced ]

Pressed Over The Edge

"We have a problem. Music industry, media and fans celebrating it all the time, but actually is just ancient hype : the record"
The absurdity of success in a century of digital totality is the one of Vinyl. Not only did it make a come back along the endless waves of eclectic and electronic music - it has now become the praise [if not prize] of the record industry. Within the art and process of vinyl the voices speak out for independence and regional success stories - While the electronic music world steadily and almost unanimously vouches towards the superior sound quality of vinyl. The demand for records [old and new] actually surged within the last decade, inside and inspite the downgraded mass universe of mp3, i-tunes and youtube ! Clearly looked down by many boutique manufacturers at the rising " mechanization of 3 records-a-minute machines with self packing jackets " - The record industry and it's greedy intentions aside, Vinyl and records are here to play. Hopefully forever, in forms yet seen & heard.


Shot on Palolem beach, south Goa, Dilaxatron is the third video from the self-titled debut of Core. A serene and tranquil mood manifested within the sound and images. Released in Switzerland earlier this year, the complete album features 10 songs and 3 videos yet. Curated by Real Network, Core is the first Indo-Swiss electronic music act to serve an unique new venture.  Dilaxatron is shot and edited by POL Sinus [ ]

Bombay Black Back On The Attack

B O M B A Y  B L A C K  H O L E 
The original crew of Bombay Black (1999-2001) presents BOMBAY BLACK HOLE - The Super-group album, massive remixes and hypergenre tour. The new indie 'order' ! Releasing via - Bombay Black is back on the attack. Sparking off a stellar line up of producers and key instrumentalists, Bombay Black Hole is a siren in the scene !

#Line Up

'HEADSTOCK' Paresh Kamath [ Guitarist, Ruff Poet, Hypnotribe, Kailash Kher ]

'FUNC' Randolf Correia [ Guitarist, Producer, Shaair & Func, Pentagram, Func International ]

'AUDIO PERVERT' Samrat B [ Producer, Teddy Boy Kill, Synth Freak, DJ ]

'DARK CIRCLE FACTORY' Lindsay DMello [ Producer, Composer, Drummer ]

'INDUSTRY' Abhijit Nalani [ Producer, Composer, Hit-Maker ]

'TYRONE_DI_OXIDE' Tyrone Fernandes [ Guitarist, Sound Engineer, FOH Live ]

'BASS CAVE' Jaideep [ Composer, Bass Player ]

'NORTHFACE' Vibhas Rahul [ Percussionist, Drummer, Grooverider ]

'KITE' Naresh Kamath [ Bass Player, Tech-Nerd, Singer ]

B O M B A Y B L A C K H O L E [ art by blacktv.word 2015 ]

B O M B A Y B L A C K  presents BOING BOING [ Video by Megha Ramaswamy ]
99K Hits+ Massive Indie Response. 

Core : debut album

CORE - Debut Album by POL - Da Saz - Audio Pervert. " a trio searching the  synchronous, live and totally unpredictable moments of electronic music - exploring the vast possibilities of modular and analog synthesis "  Recorded over 5 days in Bottens, Switzerland. Produced by Audio Pervert, Da Saz and POL / Mixed by Da Saz + Alta-Voix ESP.

  • A first time record of Indo-Swiss Electronic Music. Music as Protoculture. Curated by Real Networks. 
    Release date - October 2015. Format - Digital HI-REZ/ ONLINE / FREE DOWNLOAD - Curated by Real Networks Artist Collective - 2015.

The Psychedelight India Tour

Planete MarsReal Networks and Gate Crash present a brand new Indo-Swiss cultural synergy via contemporary music. Performing live in New Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Mahadev Cometo - The Psychedelight India Tour 2015 happens to be a stunning audio visual experience. An artistic presence that surpasses the boundaries of classical as well as electronic forms - the essence of the Pyschedelight Experience’.

The band consists of Mahadev Cometo (Alain Monod) on Sitar - emerging tabla player Rajneesh Tiwari from Varanasi - Visual artist Jean Louis Gafner with his penchant ‘psychedelic’ ‘ live art ’ and POL engineering live electronic beats and synthesizers.

synthesis is life

Bombay Black !

BOMBAY BLACK IS BACK ! Complete new album, video and massive remixes will follow. February, March and April 2016 will mark 15years of the most eclectic collective of underground music in India. The Sound Of Bombay re-awakens. A host of producers, DJs and artists are out to remix Bombay Black.