Dead Pixel

Teddy Boy Kill presents the Dead Pixel. Toymob and Audio Pervert  indulge in bold sounds,  electronic bonhomie and pensive tales  to manifest the 'Dead Pixel'. T.B.K is back ! Six songs reckoning one mega trip ! 


Bone Ringing

Jamblu's new EP titled Bone Ringing is a three song mini-odyssey loaded with macabre soundscapes and an undeniable, reticent, downward feeling. Cinematic in parts, atonal in places, the sound is forever drifting. Karthik Pillai, a.k.a Jamblu has a way with unearthly sounds from the nether world and melodies which creep out of a subconscious point of view. Even more challenging compared to his debut EP Depth Training. The first tune, City Of Heaven hovers as an after-thought with an embedded voice sample from the previous century. Mass Heat, fabricates a cavernous atmosphere crafted upon erie voices, oscillating vibrations  and long percussive drills. Clearly, space is a matter of taste for Jamblu. The final tune on Bone Ringing, titled Transcend brings contrasting musical desires to confront each other - Geared upon broken beats, articulated noise and dark refrains plus the disturbing side of synthesizers, Jamblu is the ambassador of post-dystopia music. Lyrical without lyrics. Dense without overproduction. Devious with intent ? Listen.

Black Bunker Sessions.

Geneva — August 2014.
The Black Bunker Studio is the home of POL / Robor / Sinesys / Robota Ichimu / Ghostape / Sunisit and various collaborative projects. Controller-in-chief POL (Otaku) has produced numerous recordings, mix projects and albums in the studio. Recently Da Saz (Lionel Dentan) and Audio Pervert created an electronic audio collage, a live performance of 5 hours with Robor, Sinesys and POL. The sound source is mostly analog, featuring the Make Noise Modular, Roland SH101, Moog Taurus, Doepfer Dark Energy, MFB Drums, Boss Delay3 and Korg MS20. Sonic abstractions collide with distinguished machines.


Chinese electronic musician Dead J is not interested in expressing normal human emotion. The former guitarist started making electronic music in 2000 and chooses to express the void, or a condition, through his sound "

Expressionist, Dead J (Shao Yanpeng) is searching via sound at the fringe, the void, far ends of the spectrum. Centered around techno, clearly minimal yet vibrant, warm and informal in creation : Dead J is potent and formidable in thought.  The Chinese electronic music scene. Beijing City. Modern Sky. Sinotronics : 2014.



Into The Abyss

" Perry and Burkett are uneducated, rootless, callow, lacking in personal resources. Delbert perhaps has benefitted from life in prison, as his son may. We meet Melyssa Burkett, who married Jason Burkett in prison and is now pregnant with his child — although, as Herzog observes, conjugal visits were not allowed. How did she become pregnant? She did, that's all. Herzog never sensationalizes, never underlines, expresses no opinions ... " Into The Abyss.


HYPERTRAP ?!! Enough said and bitched about trap music, this is  a total  Exhumation {spell} TRAP︻╦╤─ ЄXῌṲM∆₮ỊØИ . MIX ЯЄ∆Ɫ ЄⱢK ϨῌỊ₮ MỊX ─╤╦. The most whacked and authentic surprise. 2014 is Exhumed !   ЯЄ∆Ɫ ЄⱢK ϨῌỊ₮ & NO IT's NOT BURIAL ! They Sampled and Butchered 'Untrue' ...  TRAP  SOUND 

Stevie Wonder

Tribute song for Stevie Wonder's 64th Birthday ! 13th May.
Audio Pervert Remix of Stevie Wonder classic "Golden Lady" : Synthesizer Instrumental Version. 2014. Risk vs. Reward Studio Production. New Delhi. Download

Pyscho Audio !

Psychorigid + Audio Pervert  23rd ★ 25th  28th May 2014. Live +DJ X'tended Performance [ Techno / Electro / Hardcore / Dark Wave / Modular ] = 'Psycho-Audio Combination @ SAKIFO'

Scène DSP : Dont Stop The Music !
- Vendredi 23 Mai - 19h00 / 02h00 
Ouverture Générale 
19h00-20h00: Karl Hungus (ou Playlist)
20h00-21h30: Arash Khalatbari
21h30-23h30: Psychorigid + Audiopervert (de Teddy Boy Kill)
23h30-02h00: DJ Vilify
VIP Charrette : Live !
- Dimanche 25 mai - 16h00 / 21h00
Ouverture Générale 
14h00-18h00: Playlist
18h00-21h30: Psychorigid + Audiopervert 
21h30-22h45: Karl Hungus 
Le Bar A Cas (Saint Dennis): 28th Mai. 8pm
Flow Di + Pyscho'Audio Live !


Kaiser's Trail ! The newest EP by UNNAYANAA ( Prashant Pallemoni ) is out in the most quiet yet poignant way. A mature digger of the ethno-electronic sound, yet mostly discreet and almost covert in his method, Prashant has spend the last decade coming off age as a producer, turntablist, sound designer and DJ. One of the few 'true' turntablists in India secretly living with a stack wall of rare vinyl, Unnayana has traversed a whole lot of afro, retro, funk, techno, deep house, breaks, new-beat and indian classical over the last decade. Prashant has scored numerous collaborations within Bangalore's emerging independent and experimental side of art and sound ... So what is Kaiser's Trail all about ? A seamless ebb and flow running within all the three songs. A certain dialogue between precise beats, minimal chords and the Indian flute as a signature. Though I must confess that usually the flute is a 'put-off' inside the most extolled and jaded methods of Indian Electronica, this Kaiser's subtle combination does make sense on extended listening. There is no pretense here, none mind boggling drops or the digital garnish of needless ambience and filteration.  The Main Mix of Kaiser Trail is a surprise compared to his earlier works. A slow rising tune, entwined in dark yet subtle diving minors. A leading signature on the flute builds up and falls and sneaks back in, throughout the track. The 2nd and 3rd track chug and  groove along a similar vision of the opening track, taking quirky melodic stints from time to time. All the song conjure visuals, images of a road trip on a 'fair weather' autumn day or some country oasis with vagrant children. Kaisers Trail is beautiful yet simple ...

Peak by Ankit

Ankit Gandhi Lall is a producer and studio engineer based out of Kolkata. Secluded and exclusive in his musical journey, mostly veiled behind his own studio and its secretive sound machines, Ankit has trekked and 'tracked' many regions of the electronic music canvas. His newest release ( after months of anticipation and loiter ) titled Peak, is almost a summit of sorts. A mountain of sounds, moods and reflections upon electronic music history. As a personality, who is  far removed from the screaming fan-mass and the hyper-eulogized status of the EDM jock-of-day, Ankit's musical apex is almost here !

The album draws the listener into a chasm of controlled sequences, ambience drops and evolving soundscapes. The sound is surely imaginative yet governed at the same time.
The Seraphine intro is dreamlike,  true to Ankit's synthesizer artistry : awash with glowing 'retrosonic' wavetables and gritty beats rising along minuscule tones, which matter as much as big kicks and deep bass-lines do. Round Robbin is an old favorite of mine, a song that always causes anxiety and a burst of energy on the dance-floor, just when you are wondering what to play next ! Half Stepping Into Space, is a roller-coaster ride showered with polyphonic chord tranquility. Setting off into the nether-worlds of breakbeat, retro melodies and psychedelia .. Oh wait, there is a indian melody whining-up the synthesizer, betwixt inside all that audio .. this is surely the finest tune on the album. The last tune on Peak, titled Remote Viewing is a curious case of hypnotic dubby motifs riding over rock-guitar licks and a bobbing, lurking jungle drummer keeping it steady through the song. 

The album is brilliant in parts, as tranquil, as rash in passages, and for many audible reasons a 'Peak' of sorts. One can expect a total cliffhanger from Ankit Gandhi, post this tremendous production ? Peak is luminous sound ! We want it live !!

All Ball !

There is something dewy, breathy and anxious about the debut (virgin) release of a new band. About the spontaneous energy of their entrance ! Punched with the zest to bomb the world with a bold message. MadBoy Mink are just like that ! Jiving, grinding, mashing and forthcoming with a pot-pourri of songs and styles. Almost brazen as they grapple so many genres, samples, synths, claps and voices. Their debut EP titled All Ball is clearly modish. The duo's musical bonhomie is dirty and elegant at the same time. 
All Ball is 'Rouge-tronica'. The 5 song debut is a product or adventure statement in the making. All Ball is beaming from an apartment in the suburbia of Bombay. Quiet a refreshing far cry from the current hiatus of electro-pop music (in India). Alley cats are out with a bang !
Be it Agogo bells upon disco kicks, or cheeky recreations of trademark French electronica running along the 'kitty-katesque' voice of Mink or the chic synthesizer chords jostling with the funky guitar vamps of MadBoy, the album is always quirky and never wanting to stop the fun and action. Oodles of sampled trumpets, banjos, piano and vintage artifacts bolster the femme fatal 'come and get me' voice of Mink. The sound of All Ball is sassy and is naughty !
"and all the sinners are down here with me ..."
Clearly the producers of All Ball have a fetish for french electro clubbed with a desire to kick-start dance-floor action on every tune on the EP. 
Favorite tune ( top of our playlist ) : Lemonade // Most Odd tune ( Are you drunk ? ) : Pimp the Disco [ did they just wake up to Die Antwoord  ?? ] // Most Radio Friendly tune : Taste Your Kiss ( the whiskey never lied eh ? )


Hashback Hashish has released his 2nd full length album titled Stoned. Oh wait ! this is not the time to light up a jay and kick-start the evening in some dingy nightclub ... For those who prefer to listen to music, rather than just watch n Tweet and Instagram about it, the album is for engaging ears and demands imagination. Bright and happy in parts, as much maudlin and shady, Stoned is about some sort of re-discovery. Yet the producer / artist weaves a darker explanation : " There are things we don’t like to talk about. These aren’t things that we banish to the darkest corners of our existence, but things we quietly shove under the bed to collect dust bunnies ... " Is Hashback is trying to battle out his feelings via sound, via electronic music, on sleepless nights ? The track 'Automate-passionel' is a deep bass reckoner, unfolding forever, set against murky voices and an evolving ambience. The album does feature a host of collaborators and sources of sound : Ochtone & Holy Climax (UK), ZZZZRA (France), Audio Pervert (India), Manu Ferantini (France) and Minitronik (Germany).
Clearly this artist expresses desire to exit his rigid 'techno-logic' past and move into pastures of ambience, space, glitch and frequency based compositions. 'Somewhere' is our favorite tune on the album. A future prototype of tranquil music ... ' You make me feel' is probably the only dance track on the album. Throughout the album sounds are sparse, the beats not so hard and almost turning into a medium of transport for the listener's trip. Is there some degree of audio intoxication ? ... Into the nether world of post minimalism ... Enough said, Stoned by Hashback Hashish is a genuine craft of synthesis and space.


And now from Tuna DJ Gear, a touchscreen botched with actual knobs !? 
Back in 1995 as software based music emerged and almost every manufacturer emulated knobs, switches, sliders, look and feel, color of wood and  anything else to make one feel as if they were using the " real " thing. By 2001, the variety and decoration of virtual knobs was raised to thousands of types. Emerging developers such as Novation, Behringer, Mackie, M- Audio, Korg and Akai ( and dozens more ) would start to ship hardware MIDI USB controllers of all kinds and sizes. Stacked and studded up with knobs and sliders, these controllers exalted the " realness " and " live " advantage, setting the order to control another set of parameters and knobs on screen, deep inside the CPU, essentially crunching numbers for audio.  Round about 2009, the Apple Ipad based music controllers swiftly swept the game as the most favored scythe for many electronic music performers and producers. That monopoly aside, a few whacky D.I.Y entrepreneurs put out knobs on almost anything possible. MIDI guns, electric toys, kitchen appliances, Ataris and Gameboys : all to control virtual synthesizers. That too would not deter the evolution and near gag status of knobs and the fetish to feel the real thing from a completely virtual source - entity. Someone actually put a knob and two diode on a potato out there.

Many brands and veteran hacks would entice the younger rouse of producers with ridiculous notions that the use of software, no matter how authentic, economic or fake sounding, is always inferior, for the lack of something tactile. How can a knob make us  ( amazing creatures who understand and manipulate synthesizers, be it hardware or virtual ) feel real ? Tactile advantages of a knob aside, the brands keep shoveling oddles of really crappy unimaginative controllers using potent technology. Such hyped gadgets and the authentic feats of the knob  are at best marketing baloney. Or as vintage (pre'digital) audio-phile cum "knobbler" would often harp on the need to feel  the " real thing " as done in the old skool days. The knob saga goes on, getting almost kooky and logically if not technically redundant. Going round & round, back to square one. Or should one say round one ...

greedy baby?!

Over the years CD Baby has increasingly become a greedy organization and crass at that ! Their advertising team and the copy is near simian : to woo artists and musicians to spend money into a fraud mechanism of hiking self-image and popularity. Calling musicians to become narcissistic marketing troopers. As if Facebook and Social Media was not enough ... Pro ? The dirty word is back ... The newsletter reads like a warning from the big fat Bro ! Enough of this seedy, greedy baby ...

Dark Robot Official

Dark Robot Official Release. 
Exclusivé 20 Song Album by Audio Pervert on

Stevie Wonder vs. Atari

The Atari company advert claims " that you don't even need two eyes to play an Atari 2600 ! Stevie likes to play it alone, even if he has no idea what's happening ..." 

I bet Stevie Wonders management got the cheque and approved this ridiculous copy and idea ... Such a sight or may one say 'vision' ??!


Jatin Puri a.k.a Pippin returns to New Delhi with a brand new album of eight tunes, titled 1 0 1 0.  Eight songs on the album traverse into myriad electronic landscapes. Pippin as a producer has clear ideas about his sound-design and choice of synthesizers. On close listen, each song is lavish in polyphony and hints at a retroactive imagination. Songs like 'Fractional' and 'Everyday' sound instantly alluring as a certain tense harmony forms alongside head bobbing beats and deep droning bass-lines. Pippin is definitely dark in nature as much mature in the way cross genres are mashed and eventually decimated.  
And it's all minor in there ! 'Fearless' (4th song) instantly recalls Depeche Mode memories - yet Jatin Puri has not sung or even thrown a hint of vocals on this album. An acid-jazz hangover that is audible on some songs dwelling under the big clean beats and wobbly bass end of the day. Does a certain creepy fervor beckons the listener all through the album, as  the unsung voice of the producer ? Our favorite tune here at Audio'Station is Celestial.  Classic arpeggios in harmony flowing over rubber bass-lines, layered under lush electric piano clusters. Fly us back to Venus !


Sóley - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Pyschorigid, Hashback & Audio Pervert

The official review and launch of Tomato Garlic Onion Curcuma EP via The EP is an international collaboration in electronic music between India and Reunion Island : Curated by Psychorigid (Re) + Hashback Hashish (In) + Audio Pervert (In). 

Project Review

Bandcamp EP [hi:rez]

Psychorigid India tour 2013.

Download EP ( Promo Version ) : 320 mp3s or FLACs here: